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I love you for clicking this, even if you don’t buy anything! I’m super poor and a college kid, so these funds go mostly towards my tuition and commuting expenses. And, y’know, food.

You can send me an ask to get started, or just email me at 

The short story is: I can knit or crochet you almost anything.
I’ve got years of practice and screwups under my belt, so I’m fairly confident in my abilities as a yarner. Have an OC or favourite character you want made in doll form?

And I can even do it better and bigger and way more complicated but the one I made is currently in another province. So.

Is your OC not human? 


Is it a Pony?

Perhaps you’d like it more marshmallowy or larger and cuddlier?

Do you just wanna give an Amigurumi plush as a gift to a child? Consider this awesome hippo I made:


Maybe you don’t want dolls or anything; maybe you want sweet gear you can wear:

I am GAME, guys! I need dollars for loan repayments and food!

However, even though I’m awesome, there are some limits.
I don’t really do grown up people clothes because the time and yarn cost is ridiculous and you’d be paying like $500 for something like my zelda sweater. I mean, if you want to pay me that much, I’ll do it, but it’ll take 3 months. I also can’t sell Homestuckthings because Hussie says I can’t, and I think it’s dumb but I respect that.

How Costs Are Calculated:
Basically, the costs are determined by the cost of my materials and the time I put in. Softer yarn cost more dollars, for example. So for an Amigurumi that would sit on a shelf and look amazing, you don’t need something super cuddly, but for a bigger plush or something you’d wear, I might try and get you the softer stuff.

In terms of my “wage”, I end up making about $1.50/hour on average. Yeaaaah, it sucks, but it’s something; if I charged by the hour, with as long as crafting has to take, I would get no buyers.

I will never charge you for my time or materials if I screw up. That’s on me.

You probably just wanna know how much stuff costs.
Really, I can only tell you when you tell me exactly what you want and how complicated it’s gonna be, but so you can judge, here are some general price lists:

Hats: $18-25, depending on complexity. IE The Zelda hat being on the high end and the floppy slouchy hats on the low.

Scarves: $20-35. If it’s freaking huge, or if it’s something like Lord Monochromicorn in scarf form, which I have made, it’ll be more expensive. If it’s just a regular scarf in a pretty colour, then, you know. Not so pricey. 

Small plush (mini pony, marshmallow-style or chibi-doll sized): $15-25. This all depends on complexity. If I have to sew lots of little pieces or embroider, the price goes up. The example in this post way up at the top would be about $18, because his clothes, face, and hair are simple with no embroidery, but the dragon tail and wings are fiddly and extra work and yarn. 

Medium sized plush: $25-45. The hippo falls into this category, as do the large ponies and the OC dog (whose name is Penguin!). The gist is, again, complexity and fiddly bits and the amount of yarn. A hippo would be $35, Rainbow Dash $40, and Penguin $45, since she has a ton of fluff and extra bits.

Large plush: $40-???. The sky’s the limit if you’ve got the buck. Within reason. “Large” typically starts at more than 14” tall or long. I’ll give you an estimate when you describe what you want.

Pillows: $25-110. Something like the Super Mario pillow takes an entire work week to complete (50+ hours), and would be pricy. Likewise, something that was only one of those sprite squares back to back would be really cheap, because it wouldn’t take an age. Price goes down if you don’t want it yarned on both sides; I can cover the other side in plain fabric and get you a deal.

Anything your heart desires: ????? :D :D :D Just ask me about it and we can probably work something out!

As I have always done, if you buy more than one thing, I give you a discount. This counts if it’s in the same batch order, or if you buy something from me later. 10-15% off the lower priced item is the standard deduction, but if you buy a lot of stuff, it might be a bit more!

I SHIP WORLDWIDE, AT COST. That is all. It usually ends up being between $3 and $12 for shipping in Canada and the US, and $10 to $18 for shipping across seas. It all depends on how much stuff you order, since it’s by box size and weight.

All payment is done through Paypal. 

If you have any questions, ask away or email me at!


M. Colson
Artist | Hobbyist | Artisan Crafts


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